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Need a quick dish for meal or party? Try using Afric Stew! Learn more about us and what makes our customary stew perfect for meal times.

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Regular, Mild or Hot

If you are looking to add an extra kick to your meal or want to try something new, Afric Stew is available in three flavors. Try them today!

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Fresh Ingredients

Love home-made meals but don't have the time? Take a peek at our recipes. Our Afric stew is fast and easy to use. Made with the freshest ingredients, which makes a home-cooked meal that much easier and delicious too!

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Customers Feedback



Afric Stew tastes great! As a vegetarian, I appreciate the ingredients for not having preservatives. It has made cooking a lot more simple and fun.

-Denise Butler

"Afric stew is unique in its flavor while reminding me of my grandmother's favorite recipes. I prepared a mixture of chickpeas, onions, and potatoes with Afric stew. I was honestly amazed at how delicious it was. I have purchased bottles for friends and family."  - Judi Wurdock

"The bottle caught my attention. I loved that there are so many things that I can cook using Afric Stew and it tastes great on everything that I used Afric Stew on; which are chicken, spaghetti, ramen noodles, and fish. I have also tried all three flavors and I love them all."  - Corrine Manuel

Afric Stew is second to none. It's delicious, so convenient and less stressful to use. I used it on boiled potatoes, ripped plantain porridge and baked chicken. I also used it  for egusi soup and okro soup.

- Uzo Okafor

Afric Stew is amazing! I used it on shrimp and rice and as a sauce for my spaghetti. I would recommend this stew to anyone, since it's considered universal and can be used for many of your favorite dishes. Thank you for creating such healthy but tasty sauce.

- Amber Brown





Where can I purchase Afric Stew?

Afric Stew is sold in Tropical Foods Supermarket in Brooklyn Park and around the Twin Cities area - community-based events.  View Our Past Events and Future Events.

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