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About Chef Flo

Florence Karp, founder and CEO of Chef Flo-K Foods LLC, a new company that seeks to bring the Nigerian food staple, Afric Stew, to Minnesota kitchens.

Florence is a lifelong entrepreneur who has always dreamed of turning her love of cooking and traditional African foods into a business. She immigrated to the United States in 1997. Before that, she was a Home Economics teacher in her home country of Nigeria, where she developed a passion for cooking, sewing and fashion, and helping others develop life skills.

Since coming to Minnesota, Florence has worked as a staffing coordinator, a mortgage broker, life coach, published author of the book “My Choices” and a motivational speaker.

Helping others succeed is a driving force in both her personal and entrepreneurial life.

She started the African Dynamic Women’s network, which brings together African women from around the region on a monthly basis to share resources, knowledge, fellowship, intellectual discussions, accountability in a relaxed atmosphere.

Networking with other African business owners and entrepreneurs is partly what motivated Florence to start Chef Flo-K Foods.

“Many Africans in this America, work so hard and have such busy lifestyles that they do not have time to cook and eat healthy homemade African foods,” she said.

Her signature Afric Stew "Time Saver", makes it easy for people to enjoy a healthy and flavorful foods on the go. The stew can be eaten hot or cold, and works great as a base to pair with any array of vegetables, proteins and grains.

Cooking is all about creativity. Afric Stew, a traditional Nigerian food staple, does just that by combining creativity with home-cooked meals.

More than just a "sauce" Afric Stew is a delicious addition to a wide variety of meals. Made with fresh bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.  This stew goes great on  rice, spaghetti, chicken, beef, potatoes/yams,  and more. Afric Stew is available in regular, mild and  hot flavors.

Try Afric Stew if you want to eat healthy.  Afric Stew is a quick and fun addition to your family's meal. Want to try something new? Check out our recipes for new exciting meal ideas!

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Afric Stew is sold in Tropical Foods Supermarket in Brooklyn Park and around the Twin Cities area - community based events. Please contact us to find out where we will be this week.